Chiranjeevi Has Bigger Hopes For Pawan In Politics?

Sun Nov 20 2022 19:41:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Megastar Chiranjeevi is one of the busiest actors in the town as he has a few projects in hand. These projects are in various stages of production. He was seen last in God Father and he is all set to meet the fans in theatres with his Waltair Veerayya which is slated for a grand release for the Pongal season.

In his busy schedule, Chiranjeevi took some free time and visited the YNM College for the alumni association meeting. During his, speech Chiranjeevi drew a comparison between films and politics and highlighted the difference.

"One has to be brazen in politics. At one stage, I started thinking do I really need this," Chiranjeevi said speaking about how tough it is to sustain in politics.

Chiranjeevi had a stay of around a decade in politics and he saw a lot of ups and downs in politics. From starting a political party to merging it with the grand old party and getting nominated to Rajya Sabha he went through a lot.

But what caught everyone's attention during the speech is Chiranjeevi speaking highly about his younger brother Pawan Kalyan and pinning high hopes that he would see good heights.

Talking about his brother Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi said that Pawan Kalyan fits in current politics and with the blessings of everyone he might reach some top position. "You are all with Pawan. With the blessing of you all, he will one day reach to some top position," Chiranjeevi maintained.