Thanks To Baahubali..We Made Sye Raa: Chiru

Fri Aug 23 2019 19:36:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chiranjeevi admitted he waited for so many years to make the biopic of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy due to the budget constraints. 'This subject has got all the emotions and ingredients to become commercial success but budget constraint played on my mind. Thanks to Baahubali...we started believing that even if we spend Rs 200 or 300 crore, Investment can be recovered. I believe there is no problem budget-wise, Producer (Charan) can get back his money,' said Megastar.

Ram Charan opined becoming a part of his Father's dream project which he wanted to do since 12 years is a special feeling. 'For all that he did to Me, This is nothing...I can do much more to him,' assets the #RRR Star.

When the Interviewer asked whether the budget is Rs 200 or 300 crore, Ram Charan remained mum and just smiled as he doesn't want to disclose the actual number. The budget has certainly reached anywhere close to Rs 250 crore-mark by now and it might even touch Rs 300 crore due to extensive promotions.