Chiranjeevi Trying To Paint Acharya's Failure On Koratala Siva?

Sun Oct 02 2022 14:40:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Megastar Chiranjeevi took a long gap of around 10 years from films during his stint as a politician. After his comeback into films with Khaidi No 150, Chiranjeevi has been doing back-to-back films. Though his comeback file got big collections, his recent film Acharya could not repeat the same.

Forget about making good business, Acharya could not impress the Mega fans. The Mega Multistarrer also broke the hit record of director Koratala Siva. Before Acharya, he had the track record of having cent percent success like Rajamouli. Sadly, he faced a flop and the flop reportedly made the director settle the losses of distributors from a particular region.

Koratala Siva is someone who doesn't speak much. Post the Acharya debacle, Koratala Siva almost went into isolation. There is no update on the NTR-Koratala Siva project. The makers are believed to be struggling to find a suitable leading lady for the film.

Ever since Acharya turned out to be a flop, Megastar Chiranjeevi has been distancing himself from the flop and saying he did just what the director said and the flop will not impact him. Whenever there is a chance, Chiranjeevi tries to say that he has no role to play in the flop.

At a recent event, Chiranjeevi indirectly spoke about Acharya's flop. He said the director should focus on the story rather than the dates of the actors and the combination of the actors. His comments raised many eyebrows.

Yet again, Chiranjeevi tried to paint Acharya's failure on Koratala Siva. As part of GodFather's promotions, Chiranjeevi gave an interview to a leading entertainment channel in Bollywood. When asked about the film, Chiranjeevi said he will not get impacted as he did what his director wanted him to do.

Chiranjeevi's comments are adding fuel to the opinion that Chiranjeevi wants to stay out of Acharya's failure and paint the failure on the director. Film is a collective effort and people involved in making a film give their best. Sometimes the film gets a good result and sometimes not.

Chiranjeevi's comments are being compared with other heroes. The likes of Superstar Mahesh Babu try to take the blame for flop films too saying that after taking everyone's opinion, the script is locked.