Nolan Went Extra Mile For Plane Crash Sequence

Wed May 27 2020 21:30:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan who is known for his special effects went extra miles for a special plane crash sequence step for his upcoming flick Tenet which might hit the theaters next year.

Talking about the particular plane crash sequence, the filmmaker said that they have opted to blow a real plane for the shoot after looking at plus and minus points of blowing up the plane.

Nolan maintained that earlier he decided to use miniatures and set properties along with visual effects for the plane crash scene but he went for the real plane as he thought that it would be more efficient if they use the actual plane.

He also lauded the efforts of special effects supervisor Scott Fisher and Production designer Nathan Crowley who played a vital role in pulling off the breathtaking sequences.

Recently released trailer of Tent took the Youtube by storm and many people did not even understand the concept of the film. Nolan shot to super film with 'Memento' film and the audience witnessed his skills in executing special effects with Dark Knight trilogy.