Ali Loses His Cool And Senses!

Tue Oct 22 2019 12:16:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ali who was once hailed as the top comedian after Brahmanandam is finding it tough to get film offers these days. He came down to television industry and started a show which is running with average response. At this time, he got a lengthy role in 'Raju Gaari Gadhi 3'.

He might have pinned a lot of hopes on that film but the film turned out as a disappointment. Instead of realizing that, he decided to vent his anger on critics who reviewed the film. He went ahead lashed them and even used words such as 'bokulu', 'kaun kiska' and others while speaking at the success meet. Looks like Ali lost his cool and senses at the same time while reading reviews. He says the crowd are enjoying the film while the collections prove otherwise.

This kind of behavior and foul language is certainly inappropriate from a seasoned comedian like Ali. He was often criticized for his filthy remarks on heroines and his double meaning comedy. With no roles in his bag at present, frustration and anger seems to have crept in his brain. Maybe it is time he did some retrospection and starts choosing roles wisely instead of attempting cheap comedy and claiming that as entertainment to the masses.