Comedian Sunil hospitalised!

Thu Jan 23 2020 13:05:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Comedian-turned hero-turned-character actor Sunil Varma, has been hospitalised in the morning time on Thursday, 23rd January, 2020. We hear that he is recovering and will be discharged within two days.

The actor's family is in the hospital in Gacchibowli, Hyderabad and they were a bit nervous due to the sudden drop in Sunil's health condition.

But they are right now slightly relaxed and are with the actor, giving him all the support, it seems. The actor has been fighting fever to continue acting in his latest film commitments and to participate in the promotions of his next release, Disco Raja.

He took more anti-biotics to recover fast but the health deteriorated due to excessive use. From past two days, he couldn't even speak properly with anyone as his throat was covered with infection.

Now, it spread into the lungs and hence, he had suffocation to breath. Doctors admitted him into the hospital as soon as he was brought into the emergency ward.

He will be given heavy anti-dotes to kill the stop the infection from spreading and initially doctors have asked for at least two days to be in the admitted in the hospital, it seems. He may have to take 7-10 days of bed rest post discharge to completely recover, say some sources close to the family.