Cops Book Actress For Reportedly Abusing Minor Domestic Help!

Thu May 12 2022 15:19:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In a shocking turn of events, an actress who shot to fame in Tollywood acting alongside Power Star Pawan Kalyan has been accused of domestic violence by minor girls. After receiving a complaint, the concerned cops showed up and had done an investigation into the matter.

Going into detail, actress Mumtaj, who is familiar with the Telugu people with Pawan Kalyan's Kushi is believed to have harassed the minor people who are working at her house. Unable to take that one of the two girls had dialed the Local Police Station and informed about the alleged harassment.

Acting on the complaint received, the cops rushed to the actress's house to see what is going there. The local Tamil Nadu media said that the two minor girls are working at the actress's house and when they asked her to let them go to their village, Mumtaj reportedly said no. Despite pleading that they want to go to their native place, Mumtaj did not accept the request.

Not happy with Mumtaj restricting the minor girls from going to their native place, the concerned Police have reportedly filed domestic violence against her and the investigation is underway. Once the cops start to dig more details, we can get more information on what happened in the issue.

The two minor girls were sent to the state-run children's facility following the due procedure. The concerned department is dealing with the issue to see in the girls were harmed or not. If they were harmed, then Mumtaj will have to face another big charge, which is harming minors.

The law says that small children and minors cannot be used as labor no matter what the workplace is. But many people use minors as domestic help due to various reasons. Them coming for lesser salary is the major reason.

Mumtaj started her acting career in Tamil Cinema. Monisha En Monalisa is her debut film. With her debut film, she won many applauses and she started doing films in other languages as well. Pawan Kalyan's Kushi brought her a good name and craze. Right now, she is not doing any films.