Crazy Young Hero Shuts Down A Big Production With His Flop Film!

Wed Jul 08 2020 19:01:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is a crazy young hero with a lot of followers. He is going through a rough phase right now and his last film was a disaster by epic proportions. Sadly, this flop film ended up being a huge blow to a renowned production house.

Insiders say that this production banner which bankrolled many films from the past few decades is now in a state of concern. They gave many hits and flops but no film gave them such a huge blow as the recent crazy hero did. There were a lot of expectations before the film's release and the lackluster story ended up disappointing everyone. The film ended up being a disaster and the producer reportedly had to face nearly 32 crores of loss. This is the biggest loss this banner has ever faced and aided with the recent corona crisis, the producers are thinking of staying away from films for the near future.

Sources say that we cannot expect any new film from the banner. Looks like the young and crazy hero’s film had a reverse effect on them.