'Daare Leda' Song: A Perfect & Touching Ode To All The Frontline Warriors!

Fri Jun 18 2021 19:34:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since the Coronavirus hit this nation, out frontline warriors are risking their lives each and everyday to make sure that people get their required treatment. Their relentless and valiant efforts in facing this pandemic is really inspiring and show what humanity is. Natural star Nani and team have come up with a perfect way to pay respect to all these inspiring personalities who go through a lot of turmoil everyday but end up saving many lives at the end of the day.

The video of the much-awaited 'Daare Leda' came out today and it is heart-tugging. The eight and half minute video perfectly explains the life of our frontline warriors. Satyadev and Roopa kodavayur are seen as doctors who are dealing with Covid positive patients every day. While Satya Dev works in the day, Roopa works at night which makes it difficult for the couple to spend quality time together.

Both of them eagerly wait for their anniversary but Satyadev receives the message that he tested positive. Despite facing such a huge hurdle, he encourages his wife to go to the duty which explains the selfless nature of doctors who put the lives of other people ahead of their own. This emotional message is delivered in a touching manner and we see Nani's brief cameo in the end.

Vijay Bulganin's music, Roshan's voice and KK's lyrics enhance this special video. They perfectly blend in with the narration and it is definitely a praise-worthy effort by Nani and Chai Bisket team.