Movie Review : Das Ka Dhamki

Wed Mar 22 2023 13:29:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Movie Review : 'Das Ka Dhamki'


Cast: Vishwak Sen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Rohini Molleti, Hyper Aadi, Tharun Bhascker, Akshara Goud and others.

Music: Leon James

Cinematography: Dinesh Babu

Story: Prasanna Kumar Bezawada

Producer: Karate Raju

Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: Vishwak Sen


Youngrn hero Vishwak Sen is one of the multi-talented heroes in Tollywood. He rnearned a good reputation as an actor and there is a director and a rnwriter in him as well. He made 'Falaknuma Das' before and he handled thern megaphone once again for 'Das Ka Dhamki'. Apart from acting and rndirecting this film, he produced it under his own banner as well. The rnmovie arrived in theatres with good expectations and let us find out howrn the movie turned out.



Krishna Das rn(Vishwak Sen) is an orphan. He along with his two childhood friends workrn at a five-star hotel as a waiter. He meets Keerthy (Nivetha Pethuraj) rnand falls in love with her. Krishna acts as a rich guy in front of her rnand makes her fall in love too. After knowing the truth, Keerthy hates rnhim and Krishna loses his job at the same time.

At this point, arn rich man who runs a huge pharma company asks Krishna to act as their rnCEO Sanjay. What happened to Sanjay? Why did Krishna go in his place? rnWhat challenges will he face? Answers to all these questions form the rnrest of the story.


'Pokiri' looks like an rnaverage film for the most part. But it becomes a blockbuster and the rnmind blowing twist before the climax is the key reason for it. The rnaudience were stunned by this twist and they leave the logic behind rnthereby getting mesmerised by what's happening on the screen. It was an rnindustry hit. After this film, countless films arrived with the same rnstrategy. They start the movie casually and run it with casual scenes rntill the climax and reveal a shocking twist before the end. But the rnaudience are not fools to watch the same thing over and over again. Withrn the twists lacking any kind of logic and becoming silly, the audience rnare giving shocks to the filmmakers in return. This is what happened rnexactly with 'Das Ka Dhamki'.

With the intention of stunning thern audience with back-to-back twists, Vishwak Sen went overboard in 'Das rnKa Dhamki'. The movie runs in a smooth manner with good entertainment rntill one stage but the unconvincing twists and characters test the rnpatience of the audience. By the end, you leave the movie wondering whatrn exactly happened in the movie and where it all went wrong. On the storyrn and screenplay front, 'Das Ka Dhamki' runs on a predictable note in thern first half and there is no novelty in it. Vishwak tried to run it in a rndifferent way from interval portions. One twist hits you after another rnfrom then and it never runs as per the expectations of the audience.

Yourn have to feel bored with the first half and have a crazy ride in the rnlatter half. But you get the opposite feeling while watching the movie. rnHero is an orphan and acts as a rich man to make the heroine fall in rnlove. After knowing the truth, the girl starts hating him. The love rntrack has been used hundreds of times in Telugu cinema before but you rndon't get bored by it. The fun factor makes you enjoy the proceedings. rnVishwak did a great job along with Hyper Aadi and Mahesh in providing a rnlot of entertainment. The first hour breezes away and songs during this rntime are enjoyable as well. The twist before the interval grabs your rninterest and raised the expectations on the second half.

The rnreal problem begins in the second half. The young director is focused onrn giving twists and surprising the audience that he left the logic behindrn and fails to generate any kind of emotion in the movie. They did not rncare if the scene is convincing or not and went overboard with the rntwists. They are not convincing at all and turns silly after one point. rnThe lack of experience in Vishwak Sen is visible in many portions of thern second half. The interest of the audience slowly dies down and people rnstart to get irked in the theatres looking at the madness onscreen rnrather than feeling thriller. People who can enjoy this madness can givern 'Das Ka Dhamki' a go but the normal audience may find it tough to rnconnect with this movie.


Vishwak Sen rnplayed two roles with different shades in this movie. His screen rnpresence as a waiter and his performance impresses the viewers. His rninnocence and comedy timing wins the hearts of people. But he fails to rncreate the same impact in Sanjay's character. It is tough to see him in arn psycho role and his cunning acting too becomes comical after one point.rn He fails to convince you in this role. Nivetha Pethuraj too did a role rnwith some variation. Her performance is fine and she looked very rnglamorous for the first time on the Telugu screen.

Rao Ramesh rnsleepwalked through his role as he did many such characters before. We rncan expect the twist as soon as he enters the scene. Hyper Aadi and rnMahesh bring the required laughs as the hero's friends. Their comedy is arn big relief in the first half and an actor of Rohini's caliber doesn't rnget a chance to showcase it. The rest of the actors are decent in their rnroles.


The movie scores good points on the rntechnical front. Vishwak Sen spent well on the film and did not rncompromise at any point. Leon James gave some catchy songs like 'Almost rnPadipoyindhe Pilla', 'Mawa Bro' and others. Their picturisation is good rntoo. Dinesh Babu's cinematography is quite colorful and dynamic. We rncannot say Prasanna Kumar's story is bad but it is not that strong rneither. The drama does not work out in the film and the screenplay took arn severe beating due to an overdose of twists and turns. Vishwak Sen who rndid a fine job till the first half, went out of bounds in the second rnhalf. The lack of experience is quite visible during these portions. We rnusually know the potential of the director by seeing the way he mixes rndifferent emotions in the film in the right proportions. Vishwak failed rnin this aspect. It is not easy to be the hero of the film and produce itrn along with handling the direction. His efforts are commendable but he rnfails to reach the expectations as the director.

Verdict: An Overdose Of 'Dhamki'!

Rating: 2.25/5

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