Dear Comrade Re-Shoot Continues..!

Thu Apr 25 2019 15:37:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijay Devarakonda issued a statement that 'average' means 'flop' for him when it comes to Box Office performance. He kept taking utmost care about each and every aspect of his films. Involvement of the 'Arjun Reddy' Actor is certainly going to be there be it pre-production or post-production or publicity. Even Producers have been offering utmost importance to his judgement and planning everything as per his vision.

60 days schedule of 'Dear Comrade' happened in Kakinada and Tuni. Upon watching the rushes in Hyderabad, Vijay Devarakonda decided to go for the re'shoot as the outcome hasn't come out as per his expectations. Although Producers offered their consent, Director had differed with the views expressed by the Hero. So, Vijay got ready to move on to his next project taking a break from this movie. This is when Mythri Movie Makers stepped in and convinced the Director to do the re-shoot for 45 days. Still, The outcome couldn't please the Rowdy Star. This time, Makers decided to focus on re-shoot or patch-work post the edition process.

Mythri Movie Makers have been paying good attention on the publicity of 'Dear Comrade' as openings could decide the end result. So far, Only the Teaser was launched and it was received well. A special surprise is being planned for the May Day out of respect for the comrades.