'Dear Megha' Teaser Talk: An Emotional Rollercoaster Of Love!

Thu Jul 22 2021 11:25:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Love stories are one subject that always attract the youth. They are eternal and if made in a correct way, they can remain in your hearts forever. The latest romantic entertainer which is coming our way is 'Dear Megha'. Produced under 'Vedaansh Creative Works', adorable actress Megha Akash plays the title role while Adith Rajun and Arjun Somayajula will be seen as the female leads.

The teaser of this film came out a while ago and it showcases a lot of emotions. The 63 seconds teaser gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the film. The ending note which says, 'Stories End Love Stories Don't' explains a lot about the film. Two love stories of Megha Akash including both the heroes are presented in the teaser.

The visuals look very pleasing and Megha Akash attracts the audience with her beauty and infectious smile. Both the heroes Adith Arun and Arjun Somayajula looked matured and fit their roles perfectly. The teaser promises you an emotional rollercoaster. Directed by A Sushanth Reddy, Arjun Dasyan is the film's producer. Gowra Hari composed music for 'Dear Megha' while I Andrew Babu took care of the visuals. The dialogues are quite meaningful and give a positive vibe over the film.

The release date of this film is expected to come out soon as the makers made it clear that it would hit the screens in August.