Deepika Padukone comments about lip locks in Gehraiyaan

Fri Jan 28 2022 15:49:36 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The first and foremost thing about Deepika Padukone and Siddhanth Chaturvedis Gehraiyaan that caught everyones attention is the lip lock scenes and steamy romance in the film.

The romantic lip lock scenes between Deepika and Siddhanthi in the trailer of Gehraiyaan have caught the attention of the viewers and they are building up hype for the film.

Now Deepika has passed a few interesting comments aboutt he steamy romantic shots in the film.

Gehraiyaan is an urban love drama that has a peculiar take on the modern day relationships. The film revolves around the chemistry between the lead pair and intimate scenes are an integral part of the whole narrative. It is not right to see intimate scenes as a different entity. Deepika said.

Adding further Deepika said she acted in these bold scenes only because the script demanded and not to attract the audience. She implied that the lip lock scenes are a part of the narrative.

Deepika adds that these bold scenes are to be seen as a part of the film. Meanwhile Gehraiyaan is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on the 11th of February. The film has Deepika Siddhanth Ananya Panday and others in the central roles.