Demand Growing For Saaho Sans Songs!

Fri Aug 23 2019 17:24:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Music Album of Saaho is disappointing to say the least. Not even a single song have the potential to become a chartbuster. May be, The Composition and Picturization might appeal to the North Indians to some extent but South Indians find then underwhelming.

Telugu Music Lovers expected something for them in the Album of 'Saaho'. Much to their shock, The whole album was designed focusing on the people in metropolitan cities or the North Indians. South Indians didn't get what they anticipated from the Songs of the biggie. Some Fans opined, 'Having different Albums for Hindi and Southern Versions should have made sense'.

Present situation is such that Movie Lovers down South are hoping to see 'Saaho' without Songs. They firmly believe this Action Thriller could be enjoyed thoroughly sans any distractions like songs.

Due to the growing demand, UV Creations might consider releasing 'Saaho Sans Songs' Version apart from the regular version. That's not a bad idea, especially in the B & C Centres.