Another Writer Turns Into Director With Brain story!

Thu Aug 16 2018 22:43:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

There are many writers in our Telugu Film Industry who start off their careers as script writers to one day become directors.

Many plan and plan but only few are able to build a  contact bridge  and enough know-how to actually direct a successful movie.

Diamond Ratna Babu, the popular dialogue and story writer as finally taken the leap of faith to make his directorial debut.

He talked about the story he wrote sometime back to make his debut and when Savyasachi is announced he claimed it to be based on his idea.

The claim has been settled by both parties amicably and he did so, because he said that in his story, protagonist will have one part of his brain working on its own.

Now, he is bringing the same story as the movie, Burra Katha. Sai Kartheek is composing music for the film.