Did Dil Raju Really Let His Friend "Separate"?

Wed Feb 26 2020 11:02:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

From few days, there is a news update doing rounds that Dil Raju and his partner Laxman have split. In fact, Laxman did start a new distribution wing under his name said the reports. 

Well, Laxman did start new distribution in Nizam separate to SVC, their joint venture but he did not completely "separate" from the Sri Venkateswara say sources. 

Dil Raju and Laxman have been operating separately from past two years and now, Laxman decided to distribute movies under his own banner. 

In fact, they are still "partners" in exhibition and production it seems. As Laxman wanted to do business on his own name, he went out and there is no competition as such, it seems. 

As some reports are saying they are not going for each other throats and they have a flourishing real estate ventures business, from which they haven't spilt too. 

"After 2 decades, one of the friends wanted to explore business opportunities on his own and that is it. There is no huge problem or any business sabotage plans between them. They are not out for each others throats. Everyone has their own right to do business and that is it," said the source close to the team under anonymous condition.