Did He Point Out That He Isn't Sunil?

Thu Apr 18 2019 16:04:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sunil is the latest comedian turned hero to turn comedian again. Before him Ali and several others did go through that journey.

Saptagiri who is also doing the same, turning lead actor from a comedian, did say an interesting thing that we thing could be directed at Sunil.

He said, ''I am trying to remember that I am just a comedian every day. Even though I am hero of my latest film - Vajrakavachadara Govinda, I have been asked to believe that I am a comedian.

My director and producer said that the lead in this movie is a common man turned into a hero and that's how they want me to approach as well.''

Saptagiri did give a flop in Saptagiri LLB and the actor is looking to give a hit with this new film at any cost.

But he seems to have taken a dig at Sunil who did try to become a serious hero during his prime! Let's see, how this movie will fare for Saptagiri.