Did Maruthi Target YSRCP With This Dialogue?

Fri Jul 01 2022 19:23:47 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Most of the film industry people try to make films without hurting any political sentiments. People are getting hurt for even silly dialogues and creating a lot of problems for the filmmakers. A lot of TV channels try to sensationalize this and it became a huge headache for for the makers which is why most of them try to make a clean cinema without any political references.

Recently, Parasuram included 'Nenu Vinnanu Nenu Unnanu' dialogue in Mahesh's 'Sarkaru Vaari Paata'. Though it was used for comical purposes, the dialogue led to a huge discussion and YSRCP party members owned the movie while other parties targeted it. This dialogue ended up both as a gain and loss for the movie. Now, another politically loaded dialogue was used in Gopichand's recent release 'Pakka Commercial' and it shocked everyone.

When YS Jagan's government came into existence, they proposed the idea of three capitals in Andhra Pradesh which led to a lot of controversies. The court decided to put a hold on this idea but the government is looking adamant on it. Now, Maruthi included dialogue in 'Pakka Commercial' which took a dig at three capitals policy. It was used as a satire but Maruthi being a director known for his affiliation with Mega camp, a lot of people are expressing their unhappiness. Let us wait and see where it leads to in the coming days