Did Saaho Makers Put Too Much Pressure On Young Director?

Sat Jul 20 2019 11:23:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is always easy to say things from the shore while the sailors have to navigate the tough tides. But if don't observe and try to learn, then we can never grow.

You need people who can understand how difficult the tide was and what could have been done for better sail even if it is coming from a person on the sides. A different perspective will never kill someone.

So, we hope Saaho makers, if and when they read this, won't take it as a negative feedback than take it as a constructive criticism. We have heard many plans from the team to release the movie by 2018 Dasara and then, by Summer of 2019 and now, from August 15th, movie release date is changed to 30th August.

Till 15th of July, the movie shoot was going on and the Industry inside sources say that the team is still looking at the first cut to improve by going for any last minute shoots before 1st week of August.

This information, if completely true, shows that Sujeeth Sign, who did a great job in handling Run Raaja Run, a medium budget film during the time, was thrown into an ocean from swimming pool to swim without giving him training in a big lake, then a reservoir, then a deep but small water body, then a river and then the Ocean.

He did many short films and one music video, before getting Run Raaja Run chance and he proved that he has enough knowledge to swim in a giant swimming pool with cushion of doing what he knows the best. If you carefully observe the film, he based it more on the style of omedy he wrote for his short films than trying outrightly fish out of the water style big jump.

Prabhas gave him a chance to do an action film with him after Run Raaja Run, in a budget of 50-60 crores, not depending on the verdict of Baahubali. But Baahubali changed the scale of stardom that Prabhas enjoys and may be Sujeeth should have been asked to handle his level of film with another hero, get acquainted with handling action films and then give him the chance to direct Prabhas to keep his word.

But now, if he can deliver a big hit, which we all hope he surely will do, still the delay in making process and over budget rumors, reshoots rumors and some sort of under estimation on the time a film of this scale takes, will scare other big producers, actors to immediately take a chance.

If it doesn't work, god forbid that, then the young director might have to depend on UV Creations to give him another chance to prove himself while he will be hated by fans of Prabhas for not delivering after getting a massive chance with Baahubali kinda craze.

While some will understand that he is too young some will just hate him, hate Prabhas for over-trusting and even take it as an opportunity to troll him for life. Hope the worst is never the case but postponements, taking too much of time to shoot a film and then not so good first single, does scare, annoy and frustrate fans too much if movie doesn't hold up to their imagination!!