Dil Raju's Comments Sending Shock Waves In Tollywood!

Wed Nov 30 2022 18:40:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After staying silent for a long time, Dil Raju decided to speak out in public. The interview he gave to Andhrajyothy's Radha Krishna is sending shock waves to a lot of people in Tollywood. He says that everyone has his own way in Tollywood and each of them have their own plan without taken any action unitedly.

He added that producers are playing a safe game by setting combinations, spending money and selling the product to a high rate. It is the distributors who are playing the risky game according to Dil Raju and the bigwigs who have listened to his statements are wondering what to do now.

Dil Raju expressed that distribution because has become like gambling and asked about the purpose of Movie Artists Association and Producers Council. He said that a person can act in one film and take the 'MAA' membership. The same goes to Producers Council too. Some people exploit these memberships according to Raju and he claims that these inactive artists and producers are the ones who stay active in these organisations. He asked why are they still existing. These comments have hurt the sentiments and feelings of a few people.

There is some truth behind Raju's comments as it is the batsmen who play on the field that knows better but not the guys in the commentary box. He says that producers and actors who are active needs to take decisions but not the people who made one film two decades back. The council members are planning to take some disciplinary action on Dil Raju soon as per reports. Let us wait and see if this happens or not.

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