Dil Raju Opens Up About Those 5 Heroes!

Thu Dec 01 2022 15:07:48 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Star producer Dil Raju has stayed calm for a long time but he decided to spill out his versions of truths on 'Open Heart With RK'. He did not shy away from making strong comments and come up with information that will surprise the audience. He took a lot of potshots at the Producers Council and talked extensively about the situation of Sankranti releases which mainly involves his Tamil movie 'Varisu'.

Talking about the remunerations of heroes, he revealed that five Southern stars charge 100 crores or more per film. He added that the increase in the market of non-theatrical revenues like digital rights, satellite rights and Hindi dubbing rights have led to the heroes increasing their remuneration heavily. He claims that a few heroes hiked their remuneration four times higher than what they got before.

Speaking about 'Kantara', he stated that it is a very rare occurrence where the movie earned around 350 crores while it was made on a budget of just 25 crores. On the production front, Dil Raju is bankrolling two big projects. While his movie with Thalapathy Vijay titled 'Varisu' is releasing this Sankranti season, he is also producing Ram Charan and Shankar's political drama. Knowing Shankar, this movie is going to be made on a huge budget and Dil Raju is going all out for the 50th movie under his esteemed banner. He released 'Love Today' which is a Tamil film dubbed in Telugu. It is getting very good collections at the box-office.