Dil Raju Opens Up On His Second Marriage!

Tue Nov 29 2022 18:35:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

As it is known, star producer Dil Raju's first wife Anitha passed away a few years back and he got married to another woman with the approval of his family during the lockdown. At the age of 51, he became a dad too. There was a lot of talk that it was Dil Raju's daughter who convinced his dad to get remarried. During the interview with Andhrajyothy's Radha Krishna, Raju explained about happened.

"I was 47 when my wife Anitha died. I am a complete family man and the loss of my life was a huge emotional setback for me. Wherever I used to be, I returned home by evening and allot my time to family. But the death of wife, things became quite complicated and uneasy at home. I was mourning her loss for a long time and couldn't get out of it. My daughter and her husband stayed in my house during that period. But there was something missing within me and my parents decided to get me married again. My daughter accepted it as well and my close friends too pushed me towards that decision. We started looking at a few options and I felt that Vaida is the correct one for me. I did not know her before", said Raju.

He added, "It was a huge challenge for her to marry a person like me. There will be plusses and minuses in marrying celebrities. After discussing family and movies with her, we got ready for marriage. I have a son now and we named him Anvai which is a combination of my first wife Anitha and second wife Vaida. Everything is happy now."

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