Dil Raju Proves To Be "Ismart" By Avoiding This "Shankar"?

Wed Jul 10 2019 14:18:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have to say, Dil Raju is a shrewd businessman and he can sense where he can really win. He withdraws quite soon if he senses loss and no one change his mind quickly.

But Ram and Puri Jagannath need him to support them for Ismart Shankar. Dil Raju bought the rights of Mehbooba and even said that the movie will be a hit for sure.

He congratulated Puri Jagannath for a success as a father, a producer and a director before release. Movie failed on first day, itself.

Now, the producer doesn't want to take risk on Puri Jagannath and even though Ram's Hello Guru PremaKosame is the only film he could avoid losses last year, he is not interested in bailing out this Ram's film.

He did not even watch the film and asked Puri Jagannath to find someone else, as he has too much on the plate. Sravanthi Ravi Kishore, producer and relative of Ram is trying to figure out a deal with Dil Raju to at least make him distribute film in several areas.

Puri Jagannath who saw the highest high in his career is taking this low chin up and he sold digital rights, satellite rights to Zee Network for an amount that will bail him out, whatever the movie result is. But he and Charmee need hit theatrically to continue working.