Dil Raju's cryptic comments on Vakeel Saab collections!

Sun Apr 18 2021 11:00:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ace Tollywood Producer Dil Raju fulfilled his dream of working with Power Star Pawan Kalyan in the form of courtroom drama Vakeel Saab, which had a theatrical release earlier last week.

Dil Raju held a press meet today, one week after the release of Vakeel Saab, which had created an interest among the filmgoers and film analysts generally. Everyone thought Dil Raju will reveal the original collections of Vakeel Saab.

To everyone's surprise, Dil Raju didn't reveal the original collections. He didn't reveal the collections despite multiple questions on the same fired at him by the journalists present during the press meet.

After the journalists asked the question multiple times, Dil Raju gave a cryptic answer. Calling himself a calculated person, Dil Raju said he had achieved his target cent percent. His comments left the journalists puzzled.

"I am a calculated person. I stay firm on the point that, I should get back every penny I will spend on a film. In this manner, I have achieved my target with Vakeel Saab too," Dil Raju said.

Despite the heavy drop in collections, Dil Raju with full confidence said the film has reached the target audience fully and once the film will stream on the OTT platform, it will reach the other audience too, he said.

Adding further, Dil Raju said coming to Vakeel Saab, money is not a concern for him, and working with Pawan Kalyan is his dream and he has achieved the same. Vakeel Saab will not get affected even if 50 percent occupancy is applied in theatres.