Dimple Hayathi 's Allegations Against IPS Officer's Driver!

Tue May 23 2023 15:19:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Tollywood actress Dimple Hayathi is in the news for the wrong reason as a criminal case was filed against her by the Jubilee Hills Police. After the actress reportedly rammed into the car of an IPS officer, the driver approached the cops and a case was filed. Both the actress and the IPLS officer stay in the same apartment. The summons was also sent.

Now the case took an interesting turn with the actress giving a new version of the story. The actress is alleging that the driver of the IPS Officer has been placing cement rocks in front of her car making it difficult for her to take her car out.

The pictures which are doing rounds on social media show cement blocks in front of the car. Many say that the vehicle belongs to the actress and the IPS officer's driver reportedly places the rocks regularly. There is also a doubt that the IPS officer might not be aware of this.

Now it is said that Dimple Hayathi would wage a legal battle in this case against the IPS officer's driver who is placing the cement blocks in front of her vehicle. People who are close to her are asking how she can take her car out when there are obstacles. This is a big and unexpected turn in the case. Dimple Hayathi is expected to speak to the media on the issue after talking to his lawyers.

Dimple Hayathi faced a criminal case after Kumar, who is the driver of the IPS officer moved the Jubilee Hills Police Station. A case was filed against Dimple Hayathi and her friend David as per the reports on the charges of intentionally hitting the car and reportedly using objectionable language. The IPS officer was quoted as saying by the media reports that the actress is not changing her behavior no matter how many times he warned her.

Giving a new path to the case, Dimple Hayathi is making allegations against the IPS officer's driver and is saying that he is placing the cement blocks. This is a big twist and we have to wait and see what happens next in the case.