Direct OTT Releases Not Getting Enough Reception!

Sat Jul 04 2020 12:12:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the theatres completely shut down from the past few months, the filmmakers are slowly leaning towards direct OTT releases. With the number of cases in India getting increased rapidly, experts are saying that it may be very long before the theatres reopen again which is why direct digital releases are proving to be the best option for the producers.

But analysts say that the OTT releases are not getting enough reception from the audience despite the good talk. They are saying that the reach is very less and there is no word of mouth publicity for these films. Films with good talk usually release posters revealing about the viewership they got. But it is not the case with these recent releases.

Pundits say that the lack of proper mainstream publicity is one of the major reasons for it. We usually see Hollywood makers promoting their films heavily even though they are getting a digital release. Our filmmakers are selling the films to OTT platforms and leaving them without proper publicity. Despite the promotions of streaming sites such as 'Amazon Prime' and 'Aha' they are not enough. Also, the virus outbreak is forcing everyone to stay in their homes that is making it tough for the celebrities to promote their own films. On the whole, the OTT releases are struggling to get good viewership and this problem needs to be solved immediately.