Director Gets Himself In Trouble Due To Two Star Heroes!

Thu Sep 02 2021 14:51:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tollywood film industry is a very interesting place. Things are quite different from how they appear above the surface. There is a lot of turmoil behind the scenes and they are quite interesting to know about. Recently, a well-known landed in a troublesome situation due to two star heroes.

Since the director and a big star hero hail from the same community, a particular organisation organised an event to celebrate the hero’s birthday and invited some guests. They did it due to some political reasons and called guests who are from the same community. They even printed his name on the invitations and circulated it to media.

But the director called them and said 'No' to them in the last minute as per sources. None of the film industry people say no to that star hero's birthday celebrations since it sends a lot of wrong messages. On top of that, the director and the star hero come from the same community which makes it even more strange. People are wondering why he denied going to the event and insiders reveal that another star hero who is the director's good friend is the reason behind it.

Since they are best friends, the young star hero's differences with the big star hero is the reason for the director giving the meeting a miss suggests the insiders. People are aware of the distance between the big star hero and the young star hero despite being from the same family. The director’s good friendship with the young star is what forced him to skip the event says the grapevine. While some say that this director who is known for his entertaining films wants to avoid the unnecessary groupism by attending the community meetings, the real reason is said to be his good friend.