Director Makes The Best Use Of Crisis Break Time

Fri May 29 2020 12:39:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dr. Sailesh Kolanu, the director of the recent hit film 'HIT' made big news when the movie released and gained the accolades from the movie critics along with good Box Office numbers.

 The film was made on a simple budget and has raked in good moolah at the Box Office. Vishwak Sen became the most wanted young actor since then.

The Director Sailesh Kolanu has made a video byte yet again, this time he has shown the details of how he made good use of the break time in this crsis hours. The tweet byte says that he has finished the script of HIT 2- sequel for his first film HIT.

As movie buffs are waiting for the sequel desperately it remains to be seen if Vishwak Sen acts in the sequel or not and moreover Nani produces the film or not is a major concern now!