Director Not Ready To Give Up Acting Dreams?

Sun Sep 18 2022 16:42:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

VV Vinayak might be lagging in box office records compared to the leading directors. But he is one of the big directors in the business. He saw peaks early in his career. With his debut film Aadi, Vinayak set the box office on fire and gave NTR the kind of mass image he wanted. He directed big stars like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, and Venkatesh.

Besides being a mass director, VV Vinayak is also a good actor and he did cameos in a few of his films. We have to say that the director did a decent job in the cameos. Out of all his cameos, the role he played in Chiranjeevi's Tagore remained famous.

Taking his love for acting to the next level, he announced a film as the lead and Dil Raju is the producer. Due to unknown reasons, the film was stopped. The first look of Vinayak from ‘Seenayya' created a good buzz for the film. Despite all this, the project could not go further.

VV Vinayak is said to have not given up on acting dreams and working on this. Besides his direction project, Vinayak is also focusing on the project as an actor and the work is underway. We might hear an announcement on the project soon.

The mass director is said to be giving his best for the project. Having learned from the issues he faced with Seenayya, he might step into the shoes of the producer as well for his next project. He might have thought that he could control the project if he was the producer.