Director Teja's Shocking Comments On Uday Kiran's Death Mystery!

Thu May 25 2023 11:48:19 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Director Teja is known for his no-nonsense nature. His nature is such that he sometimes put the anchors in trouble situations by asking if they will not cut the answers he gave to the questions he took.

Teja directed Ahimsa which stars Daggubati Suresh Babu's younger son Abhiram. The film will hit the screens soon and following that the team started the promotional activities.  A media briefing was held as part of that and Director Teja faced an unexpected question.

He was asked about the death mystery of Hero Uday Kiran. There is a reason behind this. In an interview, Director Teja created a sensation by saying that he knows about the death mystery of the hero.

Though he said he knows the mystery, he did not reveal any details. Teja introduced Uday Kiran to the industry. Responding to the question he faced, Teja said that he knows about the mystery and he is ready to answer this. I will answer this, he said.

A few are asking you only you answer the mystery. They showed sympathy for this.  Teja's comments that many know the mystery but they are acting as if they don't know became sensational now. Director Teja who did not reveal the details of the mystery gave birth to a new debate with comments that a few from the industry know about this.