Do You Know What 'Pitta Katha' and 'Ladies Tailor' have in common?

Tue Feb 18 2020 15:13:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

The teaser of 'Pitta Katha' which released a few days back got a good response from all over. The interesting premise brought curiosity over this triangular love story with a twist. Starring Viswant Duddumpudi, Sanjay Rao and Nithya Shetty in the lead, 'Pitta Katha' is set to hit the screens on 6th March. The film's producer V Anand Prasad recently shared an interesting snippet about the film.

He revealed, "There is a beautiful melody in the film, 'Emai Pothaane... Manasika Aagela Lede'. Incidentally, we had shot the visuals for this song in Amalapuram, Kakinada, and a few other places, which goes with the mood of the film and then composed the tune for it in Hyderabad."

Senior director Vamsi used the same kind of technique. He shot the visuals beforehand for the song in 'Ladies Tailor' and later made legendary composer Ilayaraja to score music for it. In the same way, the makers picturized the footage required for the song and then composed 'Emai Pothaane..Manasika Aagela Lede' song which was recently released on Valentine's Day by Pooja Hegde.

This is the link both 'Ladies Tailer' and 'Pitta Katha' have. Well! These type of thoughts come only when you are completely in love with your script and looks like director Chandu Muddu is making an interesting and innovative film. 'Pitta Katha' is produced under Bhavya Creations banner.