Do You Know What These Beauties Do For Health & Looks?

Mon Nov 28 2022 19:39:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Heroines look like angels on the screen and make every spellbound with their beauty. It is not just the greatness of makeup. A lot of hard work, discipline and self-control are needed for it. Do you know what our heroines do for maintaining good looks?

Samantha does everything starting from Yoga to Gym. She hangs in the air and pulls of some unbelievable Yoga poses and lifts a hundred kilos of weights in the gym as well. Along with that, she only eats organically grown vegetables. This is the secret of her fitness and glamour. Due to all these, she managed to recover quickly from a recent health issue.

Yoga is reportedly the main reason behind Nayanthara maintaining perfect looks over the past two decades. She does a lot of Yoga and eats a lot of breakfast items made with coconut. Tamannah revealed that doing a lot of workouts is the reason for her fitness and health.
Coming to Trisha who is at the top for two decades, she does a lot of gym and eats food items that have Vitamin C in them.

Heroines like Keerthy Suresh and Sai Pallavi prefer doing dance over exercise. Dancing to their favorite music is their health secret. Also, both of them prefer home food at all times. Shruti Hassan is doing the same as she cooks everything herself and brings her own carriage to the shooting spot.

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