Dummy Star Vs Remake Star

Wed Apr 01 2020 18:41:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Heroes in film industries don't have differences. Even if they do, they won't let it out in public. They smile at the cameras together and say that they are good friends. But it is their fans who lock horns with each other unnecessarily. They verbally and sometimes physically abuse each other. Despite the stars saying that they all are one on numerous occasions, fans are in the mood to listen to them. There is no change in the behavior of fans and it becoming worse these days.

Prior to social media, fans used to fight with each other near theatres. But after the surge of social media, fans are taking to the internet and venting all their hatred towards other heroes in it. The filthy comments are sometimes very difficult to read.

Going into the details, fans of Tamil star hero Vijay are frequently seen criticizing other heroes these days. A few days ago, they rubbed the wrong side of Rajnikanth and Ajith fans. Now, they have crossed borders and attacked Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu. Irked by this, Mahesh fans retaliated them and this war is getting uglier with each passing day.

While Vijay fans are calling Mahesh Babu as 'Dummy Star',Mahesh fans are trolling Vijay as 'Remake Star' This war is reaching another level as both these words started trending nation-wide. In fact, Mahesh and Vijay have mutual respect for each other and even maintain a good rapport but their fans are behaving in a way that damages their reputation. This madness and senselessness from the fans needs to stop immediately.