Even Aadi Saikumar's Career Seems To Go Sai Kumar Way!

Sun Oct 20 2019 12:03:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sai Kumar had advantage of strong voice and a great diction. But his looks did not really suit the lead role requirements back in 80's and in Kannada, he could find success as a Police Officer, Agni and that helped him become a sensation in Telugu too.

That Police Story foundation has made him come out of the shadows of dubbing artist and improve his chances as a lead and supporting actor in films.

Aadi Saikumar, his son did not want to go that way and his father successfully managed to give him a first film hit, in the direction of Vijay Bhaskar, Prema Kavali.

He found another decent grosser with Lovely, but from then on he lost his path so much that today, his movies are not even getting an opening.

At Operation Gold Fish, success meet, he thanked the team and people who watched their film. And he announced that he is looking for different roles and is open for negative roles too.

Well, his script choices seem to have landed him at the same crossroads like his father. He should think about scripts at least now, rather than looking at 80's template films and trying to reproduce them again.