Even KGF Hero Yash, Had To Go Through Abuse!

Thu May 23 2019 13:19:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

In any field, people who have entry level jobs or assistant jobs do get mean treatment and abuse from seniors. Once upon a time, this used to be taken as part of job profile.

But these days, people ask for respect and everyone definitely deserves it too. KGF hero, Yash also had to go through some abuse in his early days, it seems.

Yash is not from a rich family and he started off as an assistant to assistant director when he entered the Industry.

After learning some craft, he made good contacts and that landed him on anchor jobs and TV serials. As his pairing with Radhika Pandit won hearts of Kannada People, he could progress into films and there too he could make great pairing with Radhika. Hence, they got married in real life too.

In early days, when he was working as assistant to star directors he had to face abuse and learn from it also, it seems. He shared those days as his bitter experiences from which he learned a lot.