Pic Talk: Ex-Kingfisher Bikini Model Shilpa Shetty Turns Up The Heat!

Wed May 18 2022 18:31:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Popular Telugu socialite and businesswoman Shilpa Shetty who is often seen spending time with star actress Samantha, Lakshmi Manchu and several other Tollywood celebrities has decided to turn up the heat with her swimsuit photoshoots on social media. The 41-year-old Telugu woman is Mrs India 2004 and a bikini model for Kingfisher along with Deepika Padukone.

She decided to roll back the years and burn the internet with her hotness as Shilpa Reddy came up with some bikini and monokini clicks. Oozing glamour in the bright red swimsuit, Shilpa Reddy flaunted her sumptuous curves with utmost confidence and is making people go crazy with two staggering skin show.

Speaking about Body Positivity, she wrote, "We all come in different shapes ,sizes , tones and colours. The only question we must ask ourselves is … Whether We feel happy , healthy & comfortable in it .. be watchful if your thoughts and stigma's are ruling how you perceive it. We are the only generation who is extensively talking about Body positivity because , we all at some point in our lives thought there is an ideal kind of body & made appearance way too important than how we feel in it.. Self-love is not just body positivity but putting in the work to enhance it & care for it. Body should never become an impediment in life but a steady & a strong platform form to walk upon."

She even explained about Beauty and Bold as she said, "BEAUTY - is intimate, it is subjective, it is personal. Everyone paints their own idea of beauty. Some ideas adhere to societal standards and some who defy them. It is an overt expression of who a person really is and what they stand for. This is a journey of self discovery and self expression. A journey filled with road blocks and milestones. Journey of Criticisms and comments , pre conceived notions and conditioning along with impositions .."

"BOLD- Being bold is letting the true idea of Beauty grow on you … Bold is being able to honestly own the beauty of your own reality and & that of the others .Breaking few rules to design your own , rooted in oneself uninhibited without fear , preserved by resilience. doing something that many hesitate to do , Willing to trust what you have not trusted .. and well by the way, we are remembered not for what we did not do , but for what we did do. Be bold , be beautiful!!"