Explicit Shows like Bigg Boss Should be Banned: CPI Narayana

Sat Sep 11 2021 21:00:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ongoing fifth season of Telugu Bigg Boss is doing good in terms of viewership and TRP. There is no stopping for the show despite no familiar faces in the house as the inmates. Normal audiences can hardly identify the housemates.

When the show is going well more than expected, senior politicians and CPI National Secretary Narayana had called for the ban of the reality show saying that Bigg Boss is nothing but an explicit show. He released a video opposing the show.

In the video, Narayana called the reality show an ill-mannered program and asked why the governments are giving permission for such shows that spoil the traditions of the society. Such shows are not required for the current society, he maintained.

I tried to stop the airing of the show by filing petitions with the court but in vain. It's not fair on the government's part to allow such shows. The show should be banned with immediate effect, he said in the video.

He sounded more like a BJP one to oppose something claiming that the traditions and customs would be under danger. Everyone is wondering what Narayana came out of the left ideology to oppose the Bigg Boss Show.