Facts Behind Hero's 'No Remuneration' Talk

Thu Jul 11 2019 10:40:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Recently, A Young Hero has admitted going into depression because of back-to-back flops. What followed this statement is a shocking claim that he hasn't received remuneration for any of the dozen movies he has done so far and hence decided to Produce his movies.

However, A Producer who casted this Hero in one of his previous movies condemns the statement. He recalled, 'Initially, He demanded Rs 20 lakh remuneration. After the success of one of his projects, He wanted us to pay Rs 50 lakh but the deal was closed for Rs 40 lakh. Finally, He came up with the proposal of Rs 25 lakh advance and profit sharing. We agreed and paid Rs 25 lakh but can't share profits as our movie turned flop. It's not a free service'.

People wonder why would Actors make such unbelievable statements just to justify their present activities. Better if such Celebs focus on the work rather than trying to earn sympathy.

Maiden Production of this Young Hero is scheduled to release soon. What would be the fate of this flick? It's a big gamble!