Failed Plastic Surgery Claims Young Actress' Life!

Tue May 17 2022 16:32:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Younger generation in recent times is going after plastic surgery to add more glamour. Many people are opting for Liposuction and other surgeries to get rid of the extra fat. As a negative impact, these surgeries show some negative impacts and sometimes things go out of hand and take the lives of those who undergo the surgeries.

Proving that plastic surgery comes with negative effects, a young Kannada TV actress lost her life after undergoing the surgery. After the doctors performed surgery on her, the actress reportedly developed complications, following which, she was taken to the hospital facility. Sadly, she could not make it and breathed her last.

21-year-old Kannada television actress Chethana Raj had opted for the fat-free' plastic surgery. Post the surgery, she developed complications. Reports say that water began to accumulate in her lungs, making it tough for her to take breathe.

The parents of the victim, who are crying their hearts out are accusing the doctors of showing negligence in doing the surgery and are saying that due to the negligence, they have to lose their daughter.

On the other hand, media reports also say that the hospital which performed the surgery did not have the required equipment to treat the patient if they develop any reactions or complications if the surgery did not go as planned.