Famous Politician son turns 'Cinephile'

Sun Nov 10 2019 15:50:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mahesh Babu's nephew and MP Galla Jaydev's son, Ashok Galla is getting introduced as a lead actor in films. Looks wise, he doesn't seem odd and with Mahesh to help him out, his looks won't be an issue for sure.

He is being introduced in the film as a cinephile and Sriram Adittya is directing it. The working title for this movie during production is fixed to be, "Cinema Lover" it seems.

Not trying to make a film that directly shows him to have political ambitions is the best possible way to go for a debut, one feels so.

Mahesh Babu as Superstar Krishna's son and famous child star, he could handle a heavy launch with Rajakumarudu.

But Pawan Kalyan, Jr. NTR and even Prabhas needed time to find wide acceptance. Once they achieved it, Tholiprema, Simhadri and Varsham, Chatrapathi made them stars.

Mahesh Babu needed Okkadu to come out of the shadow of his father and become a star in his own right. Being a politician's son, Ashok getting a name as Cinema Lover will form a separate impression for him among the audiences.

But will that guarantee a success? It all depends on how Sriram Adittya will deliver the goods this time as he is known as a director who starts his films well but looses grip in climax.