Fans Ask Can We Ever Screen Them Together On Big Screen?

Mon Jan 20 2020 21:35:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Megastar Chiranjeevi is almost universally loved and respected by everyone when it comes to his films. He maintains a great respect as the best matinee idol after ANR, NTR and Krishna.

He has a good vibe and rapport with every hero but he treats Krishnam Raju as the person to encourage him in his younger days with big characters in hit films like Manavoori Pandavulu, with even more respect.

And Young Rebel Star, Prabhas loves him to the core. He is in fact a fan of him. They both met at Krishnam Raju's birthday party like this.

After looking at their comfort levels and clesr cut love for each other, fans want to see them in a film together.

However possible, they want some person to think of this combination and bring it to life, on-screen. It will be Pan-India huge sensation, if that ever happens!