Fans Expect Nothing But Classic Audio From Chiru-Mani Combo!

Wed Nov 20 2019 17:15:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

"Himseemallo hello, Yamaha undi ollo" ... "Aatakavala Paatakavala"... "Ramma Chilakamma prema molakamma Radhamma" ... "Yamahanagari Kalakatta puri" ... "Parare parare parare bandekki bhayam parare"... "Kodithe Kottali ra six kottali" ... "Aunty koothura ammo aapsara mustabhadirindi" ... "Dheemtha dheemtha dina Indra Kadileti pidugu ooo Indra ... Indraaa"

Well, the last one is a theme music song for Indra and you might have understood, we are talking about Mani Sharma - Chiranjeevi combination.

For a decade, Chiranjeevi film had Mani Sharma in the music division and rarely SA Rajkumar, Devi Sri Prasad & Koti got chances to compose music.

Every film in their combination used to give fans, what they were looking for and this combination is almost certain to repeat for Chiru152.

Koratala Siva after looking at all the options, came up with Mani Sharma's name and Chiranjeevi agreed after hearing to Ismart Shankar songs it seems.

Even though he did think that it would be like going backwards, he believed in the composer's talent to update himself and thought he can relax and think about steps as the composer is a master in beat oriented songs & melodies.

Well, fans are elated with this news. They want their favorite combination to give a rock solid audio and want Mani to return to his best form with Megastar's film. Actually, he got into limelight with Bavagaru Bagunnara movie and this will be his biggest opportunity in second innings.