Fans Ignore 'Godfather' Disappointment Due To Charan!

Sat Sep 17 2022 12:11:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Megastar Chiranjeevi's action thriller 'Godfather' is releasing on 5th October. There is less than twenty days left to the movie's release but the promotions are very disappointing. Barring a teaser and 'Thaar Maar' song, there is nothing from the team till now and the buzz is very low on this film. There is no positivity around this film as it is a remake and the result of 'Acharya' already left a huge scar in the minds of people.

Fans were severely disappointed with the lack of active promotions for this film and they are constantly asking the production banner to show aggression. But there is nothing from the team and fans are getting frustrated with it. But they completely ignored their disappointment towards the 'Godfather' team with a single news update.

The popular media outlet 'Variety' who earlier said that NTR have a huge chance of making it to the Oscar nominations this year has mentioned Ram Charan's name too. Fans of NTR teased Mega fans till date and the entire social media is now filled with Mega fans celebrating their hero's name being mentioned. Both sections of fans are completely going overboard as if NTR and Charan have won the award which is far from reality.

What this Hungama over Oscar nominations did was to take away the attention of Mega fans from 'Godfather' As shown in 'Dhruva', a new topic has to be brought in if you want to sideline the ongoing issue. In the same way, the fans have forgotten the disappointing promotions for 'Godfather' and 'Thaar Maar Thakkar Maar' song which is not at all impressive. Let us see if the movie manages to please the audience on 5th October or not.

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