Fans Of 'RRR' Heroes Indulge In A Meaningless & Brainless Social Media Spat!

Sat May 22 2021 10:44:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

The entire nation is facing a very tough time where a lot of people are not able to their ends meet. There are people who are dying due to lack of health facilities and many people are working with half salaries just to survive through this crisis situation. But the fans of our star heroes managed to find time to have a social media war about which hero's poster got more likes.

Getting into the details, the team of 'RRR' released a special poster of NTR on his birthday. It didn't trend heavily compared to Ram Charan's poster which came out a few months back. Pointing it out, fans of Charan started abusing and trolling NTR fans by using nasty comments and vulgar language. Fans of Tarak are now counter-attacking these digging up the past failures of Ram Charan.

The hashtags #FanBaseLess NTR and #FanBaseLessRamCharan are trending on Twitter which projects the stupidity and ideocracy of some fans in Tollywood. Since it is pandemic time, the team of 'RRR' did not promote the poster like they usually do. The social media records that the fans usually brag about are a mere product of paid promotions most of the time. Hope fans understand this and stop wasting time on such meaningless and brainless activities.