Film Industry Facing A Tough Time With New Guidelines!

Tue Jun 02 2020 19:16:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Putting an end to everyone's misery from the last two and a half months, the government of India started to loosen up and is giving permissions to restart shootings in all the industry.

The Telugu film industry started with the post-production works first and senior hero Naresh recently posted a picture from the dubbing studio as he is working for Sai Tej's 'Solo Brathuke So Better'.

It was Kerala government who started giving permission to start post-production works first and now the shootings too began. The film industry there is first completing all the unfinished projects now.

The position of Bollywood is quite bad as the virus is still strong in Maharashtra and lots of cases are getting registered there. So, this scenario is holding back the government to give permission for the film industry and they made it clear that no one over sixty-five years should be working and a doctor should be present at all times on the sets.

The Tamil Nadu government imposed some tough guidelines at first but eased them a little as it became very difficult to shoot under those rules and restrictions.

This way, all the industries are trying to cope with the new guidelines while shooting. Nothing is like what it is was three months back and film industries are trying as hard as they can to adapt to those conditions quickly.