Film Industry To Avoid Kangana?

Sun Feb 10 2019 12:54:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

When you're a novice, no one backs you to be a big talent until they absolutely believe in you or themselves, to give you an opportunity.

When you achieve success, they give you all sorts of opportunities even if you think you can't complete all. But in success if you turn arrogant, then people will disown you so soon that you're left all alone.

Kangana Ranaut with her talent achieved a lot of recognition and awards as well. But the actress seems to have taken the success to head and even decided that she is invincible.

When such allegations on her came out that she is interfering in script and final cut, as she thinks she is a brilliant writer and director, she said she won't do anything for Manikarnika.

But when controversy broke out with Krish post release, she said, "I achieved such position and I will do, what I like!"

Well, the actress arrogance is costing her the career as many directors and producers want to stay away from her!