Pre-release talk: Nani Has A Winner On Hands

Thu Sep 12 2019 09:54:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the emotional drama Jersey, Natural Star Nani chose a comedy entertainer as his next project. Now, he is coming up with his new film Gang Leader which is all set to hit the screens this Friday. Touted to be a comedy revenge drama, this movie is directed by Vikram K Kumar.

Nani enjoys a massive fan base among the family audience and even if his movie gets an average talk, they will make it a hit at the box office. Moreover, this movie also features five main female characters which hint that the film will connect to the female audience for sure. And on top of that, Vikram is known for coming up with unique screenplays and going by that logic, this movie will not be a regular entertainer for sure.

Already, a positive buzz is circling on the film among the industry sources. Even the trailer got a rave response from the viewers. All these positive factors are raising the expectations of the film and looks like Nani has another winner in his hand.