Get Ready For Telugu Bond, Goodachari Series

Tue Aug 14 2018 14:25:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whenever a certain character that too a spy character or big hero character gets wide acceptance, we can expect the stof who played the character to continue exploring it for few more films or until people start rejecting it.

Superstar Krishna continued to be Telugu Bond Gopi aka Agent 116 and Cowboy western hero for many films in 60's and 70's until he took total commercial masala film route for major part of 80's.

After him, Chiranjeevi tried to fill the void but except for two to three movies, he couldn't continue them as brand Chiranjeevi became too popular for those characters.

Adivi Sesh, after many moons has been able to bring back Gopi as Goodachari Agent Arjun and with just Rs. 6 crores budget delivered a spy thriller that people widely accepted.

Now, he is at a stage where he can be the character on screen and not worry about image and continue with what character and story demands.

So, Shashikiram Tikka, the director of the film has decided to take forward the series and make at least two more sequels, Goodachari 2 and Goodachari 3.

He said that he and Adivi Sesh are working on the script and exchanging ideas at this point of time. The script work will start soon once they find the producers and finalise on the budget it seems.