Glamorous Anchor's New Demands Worries Producers!

Tue Aug 11 2020 10:46:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telugu arena has many female anchors. While some of them reach the top with their talent, spontaneity and appealing to the family audience, others become famous for their glamourous appeal and cater to the youth. We are talking about the anchor who falls under the second category. She became widely popular for her skin show on small screen and she even indulges in unwanted display during live chats on social media too.

This hottie dared to shoot despite the COVID-19 situation and started hosting the popular show in the most glamorous way possible. Her stunning show is getting a huge response and the already popular show is getting huge ratings because of glamour. As she is one of the biggest assets of this show, she is now demanding a hike in her pay. Since she is taking the risk of working in Corona pandemic situation, she reportedly increased her remuneration.

This anchor is stating that she can't work on any more episodes unless she gets the hike. This spicy anchor is already getting paid a lot for her glamorous stints on Television. She owns some costly cars and expensive villas but it looks like she wants more. As we regularly see, heroes and heroines increase their remuneration just with one hit and it looks like this anchor is taking the same route.