Global Beauty Not Sad About Her Growing Age!

Fri May 14 2021 18:33:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film industry is a glamour field and unless you are a tremendous actor, the offers start fading away once people start getting old. This may not be the case for heroes but it is definitely the scenario with the heroines. A hero romance even after sixty but a heroine is considered old as soon as she crosses her thirties. This situation is not just prevalent in India but in Hollywood too.

That is why most of the heroines take utmost care of their looks and even resort to plastic surgeries in order to look better or younger. But Priyanka Chopra is different from the rest as she is content with the fact that she is getting old. The global heroine says that she doesn't want to lie and agrees on the fact that she is getting old. She adds that she is looking appropriate for her age and cannot demand herself to look the way when she was in her twenties.

She explains that beauty depends on our self-confidence and people shouldn't hurt their bodies too much in order to look younger. Priyanka is 38 years old now and people appreciating her maturity and self-awareness.